Monday, June 6, 2011

The top 3 things Nathan Harry liked to eat for dinner.

Hello everyone! Welcome to one of the greatest blogs in the history of the internet. This is a blog that keeps you informed on that great man we know as Nathan Harry. Or NPH as I like to call him. The real NPH mind you, not the fake one who stars in a popular TV show.

I thought I would introduce you all to Nathan Harry, if you don not have the privilege of knowing him. I figure this picture would be the most appropriate, considering the title of this entry.

Here he is. Look at him. Enjoy that delicious bite of food. He usually does not eat that angrily. Don't let that scare you off. He is quiet a charming man. In this entry, I figure I would let you all know what his top 3 favorite things to eat for dinner were. So, we might as well get right into it.

1. Frozen pizza

Yes, NPH is a true and majestic bachelor. It may be cliche, but what bachelor does not eat a frozen pizza every once in a while? Typically he will buy whatever is on sale, not because he is cheap, no, because he knows how to shop.

2. Chicken baked in Italian Dressing

This one is delicious. I know from personal experience. Not only is it easy to bake, it is also practical. Chicken is delicious, then you add the Italian dressing, and its like heaven in your mouth!

3. Box Macaroni and Cheese

Nothing like a classic! NPH loves the box mac and cheese. I personally have seen him eat a box or 2 in my lifetime. This man sure enjoys the classics.

Well, I hope you have learned something today about NPH.

I will try to update this as much as I can. Until then, check the twitter feed for some random facts and fun things about Nathan Harry.

NPH's biggest fan,

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  1. NPH is truly an inspiration to us all.